Grants & Awards

The Society’s principal aim is to support research and teaching in all aspects of reproductive biology. This aim is met, in part by the provision of grants and scholarships for students and scientists at all stages of their careers.

Furthermore, the Society honours the contribution of its members to research in the fields of reproduction and fertility by conferring a variety of medals and awards.

Full details of the Society’s grants and awards, including how to apply or nominate a colleague, can be found in this section.

GRANTS: Applications are currently open for:

Travel Grants (Next application deadline: 1 September 2017)

Fertility 2018 Bursaries (Application deadline: 1 December 2017 subject to available funds)

WCRB 2017 Bursaries (Application deadline:  31 August 2017 subject to available funds)

Academic Scholarships (Application deadline: 13 October 2017)
NOTE: Major changes have been made to the Academic Scholarship Fund for 2017. Three different types of Scholarship are now available.

SRF Workshops and Event Sponsorship 

AWARDSSubmissions and nominations are currently invited for:

SRF Marshall Medal (to be awarded January 2019)
SRF New Investigator (to be awarded January 2019)
SRF Distinguished Scientist (to be awarded January 2019)