SRF Committees

The SRF Council is supported by the following Committees:

Programme and Awards Committee (PAC):

The role of the SRF Programme Committee is to oversee the organisation of scientific meetings and other programmes that the Society support and to liaise with other societies in the same or related field for organising joint meetings.


  • Chair: Suman Rice
  • Niamh Forde
  • Federica Lopes
  • Alexandra Shattock (ECR)
  • Agnes Stefansdottir
  • Claire Stenhouse (ECR)

Grants and Membership Committee (GMC):

The Grants and Awards Committee provides oversight and leadership for the Society’s disbursement of scholarships, grants, prizes and other sources of support.


  • Chair: Ali Fouladi-Nashta
  • Rebecca Blanchard
  • Gbenga Eweoya (ECR)
  • Kim Jonas

Education and Public Engagement Committee (EPEC):

The Public Engagement and Membership Committee is responsible for overseeing the Society’s public interaction, including public events and communication.


  • Chair: Erin Williams
  • Rod Mitchell
  • Imogen Harris (ECR)
  • Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri

Finance Committee (FC):

The Finance Committee advises Council on all matters of finance appropriate to the Society. It monitors the Society’s investments , recommends budgets , administers income and expenditure, monitors accounting and audit compliance and administers the financial aspects of grants and awards.


  • Chair: Bruce Murphy
  • Richard Lea
  • Emma Lucas

SRF Investment Policy