SRF Workshops and Event Sponsorship

The SRF is delighted to announce details of its initiative to invite bids to host SRF-funded workshops. This replaces the previous SRF Event Sponsorship application process.

A brief reminder of the background to this initiative…

2015 – The SRF Council undertook a consultation exercise to gauge members’ opinions on the future of conferences funded and organised by the SRF.

A follow up referendum was conducted to determine support for 3 possible courses of action.

  • Option 1 – Continuing with a stand-alone SRF annual conference plus SRF participation in the biennial joint Fertility meetings (collaborative with other UK fertility societies). Supported by 27.4% of respondents (23 votes)
  • Option 2 – A move to annual joint Fertility meetings with a biennial stand-alone SRF conference held in alternate years. Supported by 36.9% of respondents  (31 votes)
  • Option 3: – A move to annual joint Fertility meetings with the possibility of smaller, focused, SRF-funded workshops run in the summer. Supported by 35.7% of respondents  (30 votes)

The results of this vote, and their broader implications for members and for the Society, were considered at length and in detail by SRF Council.  After due consideration and discussion, SRF Council opted to move forward with Option 3.

Full details of the Outcome of Consultation on SRF meetings can be downloaded here.

Aim – to offer individuals and/or organisations the opportunity to facilitate workshops covering focussed areas of interest targeted at SRF Members and the wider reproductive science community.

The Bid Process

Eligibility – Bids for workshops will be considered from Members (of any membership category) who have paid for at least two calendar years.

If an applicant is successful, they may only submit an application for an additional workshop or event sponsorship after a 2 year period has passed (2 years from the date of the last event for which they were granted support).

If applying for ‘Event Sponsorship with acknowledgement of SRF support’ (see Option C on the table below) it is not necessary to be an SRF member although we would of course welcome your application for membership!

Subject Matter – The workshop or event you are planning must cover a topic related to reproductive biology.

Applicants must, at a minimum be able to:

  • Identify a suitable venue to hold the workshop
  • Propose suggested dates to run the meeting – this does not have to be during the summer months but care should be taken to avoid conflict with any competing meetings.
  • Compile a scientific programme
  • Submit a summary of costs including all relevant components (e.g. venue, catering, speaker expenses, registration)
  • Agree to a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

There are 3 levels of support package available.  Applicants may apply for:  (A) full financial and organisational support, (B) partial financial and organisational support, or (C) financial support only. The chart below demonstrates the 3 levels more fully to help you identify the package most applicable to your requirements. Click on the image below to view full table of packages and key features.


Summary of packages


Organisational support (where requested) will be provided by the SRF Secretariat (The Conference Collective Ltd) who are a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO). The number of Conference Collective supported workshops will be subject to available resources (to be confirmed by CCL).

Guidelines for applications

Parties interested in seeking organisational support for any of the above listed types of workshop should submit their application to the SRF Secretariat no later than 8 months before the intended date of the workshop (where Conference Collective support is required). Where organisational support is not required (i.e. only financial support is being requested), the application should be submitted no later than 3 months before the intended date of the event.

Applicants must complete the following documents as fully as possible in order to have their proposal considered.

  • SRF Workshop application form
  • ‘Pick and Mix’ task list (details of services required

Please save the two forms using the name and year of the event and uploaded them to the application form (Click here to apply).  Please note that it will not be possible to submit your application without uploading the forms, therefore please complete these forms before applying.

Both documents are available to download below. Completed forms should be uploaded in the designated upload section of the application form.