The Society for Reproduction and Fertility aims to enhance the knowledge of reproductive processes and fertility in humans and animals.

Reproduction and Fertility – new open-access journal from SRF and Bioscientifica

We are pleased to announce that the Society’s journal, Reproduction has an increased 2019 impact factor of 3.206. It now ranks 10 out of 29 in the Reproductive Biology category and 12 out of 41 in the Developmental Biology category.

About the Society for Reproduction and Fertility

The Society organises a joint annual Fertility conference, awards a wide range of grants and scholarships to members, and sponsors relevant scientific workshops. The Society’s Journal, Reproduction, publishes original research articles and topical reviews in reproductive biology.

Membership of the Society is open to scientists and students worldwide who work on any aspect of reproductive biology or fertility and provides various benefits including bursaries to attend the annual Fertility conference, access to travel grants and sponsorship and online access to Reproduction and reduced personal subscriptions other reproduction and fertility journals and Societies.

Reproduction Journal

Reproduction and Fertility

New Open-access Journal from SRF and Bioscientifica

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Pregnancy in Waiting: Embryonic Diapause in Mammals The III International Symposium on Embryonic Diapause was held in Ascona Switzerland in June of 2019.  It was funded in part by a grant from the SRF.  The proceedings, entitled: Pregnancy in Waiting: Embryonic...

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