Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is a prestigious award given to individuals who have made a very significant contribution during their career to scientific progression or education in the field of reproductive biology, and/or the works of the Society and its journal Reproduction.

Please see below a full list of SRF’s Honorary Members:

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Professor D Adamopoulos

Professor John Aitken

Professor W.R. (Twink) Allen CBE, ScD, FRCVS

Professor David Baird

Dr Kathleen Birchall

Dr Rosemary Bonney

Ms Jill Bowen

Dr John Bowen

Professor B Brackett

Dr K Brown-Grant

Dr Harry Charlton

Dr Brian Cook 

Professor Erhard Daume

Dr Saul Fernandez-Baca

Professor Tom Fleming

Professor Anthony Flint

Professor Lynn Fraser

Mrs Kemi George

Professor Michael Harper

Sir Brian Heap

Professor Thomas Hildebrandt

Professor Stephen Hillier

Professor William (Bill) Holt

Professor R Hunter

Professor Martin H Johnson FRS, FRCOG, FmedSci, FRSB

Professor Steve Jones

Professor Michael Kane

Professor A Klopper

Professor Henry Leese

Dr F Lorenz

Professor Graeme Martin

Professor Alan McNeilly

Dr Stuart Milligan

Dr Robert Moor

Dr M Orgebin-Crist

Dr Edward Plotka

Dr Steven Salamon

Professor Rex Scarramuzzi

Professor Brian Setchell

Professor Peter Sharp

Professor Roger Short (1930 – 2021)

Dr Suzanne Ullmann

Professor Clare Wathes

Professor Paul Watson

Professor Bob Webb

Professor David Whittingham

Dr Matthew Wilson

Professor Lord Robert Winston

Professor Teresa K Woodruff

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