Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is a prestigious award given to individuals who have made a very significant contribution during their career to scientific progression or education in the field of reproductive biology, and/or the works of the Society and its journal Reproduction.

Please see below a full list of SRF’s Honorary Members:

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Professor D Adamopoulos

Professor John Aitken

Professor W.R. (Twink) Allen CBE, ScD, FRCVS

Professor David Baird

Dr Kathleen Birchall

Dr Rosemary Bonney

Ms Jill Bowen

Dr John Bowen

Professor B Brackett

Dr K Brown-Grant

Dr Harry Charlton

Dr Brian Cook 

Professor Erhard Daume

Dr Saul Fernandez-Baca

Professor Tom Fleming

Professor Anthony Flint

Professor Lynn Fraser

Mrs Kemi George

Professor Michael Harper

Sir Brian Heap

Professor Thomas Hildebrandt

Professor Stephen Hillier

Professor William (Bill) Holt

Professor R Hunter

Professor Martin H Johnson FRS, FRCOG, FmedSci, FRSB

Professor Steve Jones

Professor Michael Kane

Professor A Klopper

Professor Henry Leese

Dr F Lorenz

Professor Graeme Martin

Professor Alan McNeilly

Dr Stuart Milligan

Dr Robert Moor

Dr M Orgebin-Crist

Dr Edward Plotka

Dr Steven Salamon

Professor Rex Scarramuzzi

Professor Brian Setchell

Professor Peter Sharp

Professor Roger Short

Dr Suzanne Ullmann

Professor Clare Wathes

Professor Paul Watson

Professor Bob Webb

Professor David Whittingham

Dr Matthew Wilson

Professor Lord Robert Winston

Professor Teresa K Woodruff

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