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2018 Impact Factor

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 impact factor of the Society’s official journal, Reproduction, has increased to 3.125. It is now in the top quartile of both of its Journal Citation Report categories, ranking 6 out of 29 in the reproductive biology category and 10 out of 42 in the developmental biology category. The journal’s five-year impact factor remains high at 3.611, showing the continued relevance of research published in the journal.

This is testament to the high quality of authors’ published articles and the dedication of the editorial board and reviewers, who together ensure Reproduction is a leading journal in the field of reproductive biology.


IVF Special Issue, guest edited by Lord Robert Winston

The July 2018 issue of Reproduction marked the 40th anniversary of the first birth of a baby conceived by in vitro fertilisation. The issue is guest edited by Lord Robert Winston who, in his editorial, expresses concerns that advances in the field of reproductive medicine may be being hampered by a lack of fundamental academic research, which may be a result of regulatory bureaucracy.

The issue contains seven free-to-read anniversary reviews:

Low-dose gonadotropin induction of ovulation in anovulatory women: still needed in the age of IVF

Davinia M White, Kate Hardy, Suzannah Lovelock, and Stephen Franks

Female fertility preservation: past, present and future

Benjamin Fisch and Ronit Abir

Chromosomal analysis in IVF: just how useful is it?

Darren K Griffin and Cagri Ogur

Development of ICSI

C L O’Neill, S Chow, Z Rosenwaks, and G D Palermo

In vitro follicle culture in the context of IVF

Anamaria C Herta, Francesca Lolicato, and Johan E J Smitz

‘Designer babies’ almost thirty years on

Alan H Handyside

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