New Senior Editorial Team Search for Reproduction


The Society for the Study of Reproduction


The Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) has launched a search for a new Senior Editorial Team for its journal REPRODUCTION. Following strong leadership from previous editorial teams the journal is firmly established as one of the flagship publications in the field, with an impact factor of 3.8 (2022). SRF seeks to appoint a team of two Editors in Chief (EiC) accompanied by one or two Reviews Editors, and application for the role should be made as a complete team.

The appointments process will take place in 2024, such that the new Editorial Team can shadow the outgoing team in 2025, and formally begin a 5-year mandate in January 2026. Previous association with the journal or SRF is desirable, but by no means essential; SRF wishes to appoint the strongest possible Editorial Team with the clearest vision for the future of the Journal.

Applications or enquiries to


The deadline for full applications is September 15th 2024, and should comprise the following:


  • A single letter of motivation that highlights (a) expertise of the EiC Team (2xEiC, plus 1 or 2XReviews Editors) (b) evidence that they can work together (c) their joint vision for the development of REPRODUCTION.
    CVs of the proposed EiCs.
  • CV of one or two Reviews editors.
  • Shortlisted candidate teams will be invited to present their vision for the journal to the SRF Journals application committee in autumn 2024 and will be asked to share a short slide-deck approximately 7 days beforehand.