SRF Marshall Medal

The Marshall Medal is the Society’s premier award. It was established in 1963 following the suggestion of Sir Alan Parkes, to commemorate the life and work of FHA Marshall. It is awarded to outstanding contributors to the study of fertility and reproduction.

SRF Marshall Medallist 2019 – Professor Marilyn Renfree

The SRF is delighted to announce that the 2019 recipient of the SRF Marshall Medal is Professor Marilyn Renfree

The medal was presented to Professor Renfree by Chair Colin Duncan on Friday 10 January 2020 at the SRF AGM which was held at the EICC Edinburgh Fertility 2020


Nominations for the 2020 Marshall Medal are now open.

Click here to view the nomination form. 


Previous recipients of the Marshall Medal are listed below:

2018 R Scarramuzzi

2017 W Holt

2016 Michael Kane

2015 Claire Wathes

2014 Martin H Johnson

2013 TP Fleming

2012 S Milligan

2011 R Webb

2010 H Leese

2009 T Allen

2008 A McNeilly

2007 PJ Sharp

2006 APF Flint

2005 PF Watson

2004 JR Clarke

2003 HM Charlton

2002 RM Moor

2001 CA Finn

2000 RB Heap

1999 JM Bedford

1998 DG Whittingham

1997 DT Baird

1996 GE Lamming

1995 RV Short

1994 R Yanagimachi

1993 WK Whitten

1992 H Peters

1991 RG Edwards


1995 RV Short

1994 R Yanagimachi

1993 WK Whitten

1992 H Peters

1991 RG Edwards

1990 JD Biggers

1989 GD Thorburn

1988 EJC Polge

1987 GC Liggins

1986 RO Greep

1985 A McLaren

1984 C Lalor Burdick

1983 IW Rowlands

1982 A Nalbandov

1981 CR Austin

1980 C Thibault

1979 M Jackson

1978 Sir Dugald Baird

1977 SA Asdell

1976 T Mann

1975 C Gemzell

1973 H Bruce

1972 EC Amoroso

1971 MC Chang

1970 Sir Alan Parkes

1969 FWR Brambell

1967 HM Evans

1966 B Zondek

1964 CG Hartman



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