SRF New Investigator

We are delighted to announce the SRF New Investigator 2020:

Dr Jane Fenelon, Research Fellow, Monotreme & Marsupial Reproduction & Development, University of Melbourne.

Dr Jane Fenelon will be presenting at Fertility 22.  

Nominations are open for 2021

Click here for the nomination form

Eligibility and Criteria for the Award:

SRF members, or those whose membership applications are under consideration, who are within 10 years of being awarded their PhD (or equivalent qualification) are eligible to be nominated for the award by colleagues.

The recipient of this award is expected to present their paper as an oral presentation in the SRF/SSR New Investigator session Fertility meetings (2018 onwards) and as the SRF/SSR Transatlantic Lecture at the SSR Annual Conference.

Please nominate colleagues that members feel are suitably qualified to be a recipient of this prestigious award which affords the winner the opportunity of showcasing their research at both the SSR conference and Fertility.

The recipient of the SRF New Investigator Award will be selected from a short-list of eligible candidates on the basis of their curriculum vitae and letters of support from senior colleagues. Eligible candidates will have completed ten years (or less) of post-doctoral research.

Please note, that an abstract submitted to Fertility no longer forms part of the selection process.


Nominations are open for 2021

Click here for the nomination form

Previous winners of the SRF New Investigator Award are listed below


2020 J Fenelon


2019 D Gibson

2018 J Maybin

2017 A Sferruzzi-Perri

2016 R Mitchell

2015 A de Mestre

2014 A Childs

2013 A Watkins

2012 P Marangos

2011 A Waclawik

2010 S Williams


2009 K Sales

2008 G Fitzharris

2007 Not Awarded

2006 B Robinson

2005 C Duncan

2004 LM Thurston


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