SRF Distinguished Scientist Recipients

The Society acknowledges research career excellence of premier scientists that have made pioneering scientific contributions to the field of reproductive biology. Criteria include the development of innovative and insightful hypotheses and the creation of new knowledge thus serving as a foundation for increased understanding of reproductive biology.

The previous SRF Distinguished Scientist Lecturers are listed below



2021 A Ferguson-Smith

2020 H Critchley


2019 G Burton

2018 E Telfer

2017 K Hardy

2016 J Carroll

2015 Richard Sharpe

2014 T Shinohara

2013 A Surani

2012 B Capel

2011 M Renfree

2010 S Franks


2009 D Stocco

2008 A G Byskov

2007 FW Bazer

2006 JK Findlay

2005 RM Schultz

2004 KP McNatty