Postdoctoral Fellow Position

Dec 7, 2022

SSR Job Posting

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Developmental Programming


The Padmanabhan lab is seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals for postdoctoral fellow positions available immediately at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Using a sheep model for translational relevance, the responsibility of the successful applicant will be to conduct research on developmental programming of either: a) gestational exposure to excess testosterone as a model for PCOS, or b) biosolid exposure as real life model of exposure to environmental disrupting chemical mixture, and the transfer of these programmed defects to the next generation. The research will focus on molecular, epigenetic, and functional alterations in the reproductive (ovary, placenta) and metabolic (liver and adipose) systems. Using advanced multi-omics approaches and traditional techniques, the successful applicant will investigate the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms underlying the adverse outcomes derived from exposure of excess testosterone such as that seen in PCOS or biosolids exposure during pregnancy. Duties will include wet lab research at molecular /histologic /-omic levels, statistical and bioinformatic analysis, manuscript preparation, training and mentorship of undergraduate research students, and presentation of data at local, regional, and/or national meetings.


The successful applicant must have a PhD in biological sciences or related field and have experience in molecular biology and wet-lab techniques including (but not limited to) immunohistochemical techniques, image analysis, qPCR, and western blots. This individual is expected to: demonstrate the capacity for critical scientific thinking and creativity, design and conduct high-quality studies, undertake data analysis, assist with training, and prepare manuscripts for publication. Excellent communication skills (writing and speaking) with a record of publication in well-respected journals is required. The successful candidate must be motived to work independently and will be expected to work as a team player as part of a multi-disciplinary, collaborate research team within the University of Michigan and with an extensive collaborative network with other laboratories outside of UM.

Contact: Vasantha Padmanabhan,