SRF Lecturer/Early Career Investigator at ICAR

This prize is awarded ONCE every four years to coincide with the International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) Congress cycle.

ICAR 2016 – Dr Katie Woad, University of Nottingham, was selected to represent the SRF Lecturer/Early Career Investigator at the 18th International Congress on Animal Reproduction that took place in Tours, France 26 – 30 June 2016. Katie delivered a lecture entitled   ‘Angiogenesis and its control in the bovine ovary ‘ in the Symposium: Ovarian cortex and follicles culture.

‘Many thanks to SRF and the ICAR organising committee for giving me the opportunity to attend and present at ICAR 2016. It was a really enjoyable meeting which showcased great science, held in a beautiful city with great French hospitality!’

Katie’s review article was published in the Proceedings of the 18th ICAR, a special issue of Theriogenology

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SRF Lecturer/Early Career Investigator at ICAR is aimed at members whose research focuses on Reproduction in Animals.  The recipient is expected to present their research as a plenary lecture at the ICAR Congress and write an accompanying article review article.

Nominations are reviewed by the SRF Programme committee and their decision is ratified by SRF Council.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Nominees must be members of SRF or have their applications for membership under consideration
  • They must be within 10 years of being awarded their PhD
  • Must be focussed on research into reproduction in animals
  • Must be able to present their findings at the ICAR Congress