Sex in Three Cities 2021 – Is it a boy or is it a girl? The science behind sex determination. 

Sex in Three Cities 2020 – Let’s talk about sperm: Sperm you can bank on

Sperm are remarkable cells that have the role of delivering the male DNA to the egg during sexual reproduction. Since their first discovery nearly 350 years ago, scientists are still trying to figure out how they work and why, in some cases, their dysfunction can lead to infertility. In recent years, concern has been raised about how aspects of modern lifestyle may affect the quality and quantity of sperm and whether this will be a threat to our human existence. Yet, sperm are rarely talked about in popular culture or in newspaper and magazine articles and male infertility remains somewhat of a taboo subject. Therefore, this lecture will give an overview of what we know about sperm, how they work, and why it’s important to talk about them.

Sex in Three Cities 2019

Speaker Sarah Robertson lecture, Partner compatibility: the immune system and reproductive success.

Professor Sarah Robertson presented at the Sex in Three Cities Lecture Series at in London, Nottingham and Edinburgh in March 2019.