Chair Public Engagement & Membership: Professor Suzannah Williams

Apr 26, 2018

Suzannah Williams is a PI at the Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford. Suzannah’s academic journey utilising various model systems has taken her to the University of Western Australia, University College Dublin, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, providing her with invaluable research and life experiences.

The overarching theme of her research group is understanding ovarian function in health and disease. Key areas are investigating the etiology of premature ovarian failure using a mouse model and the effect of age on oocyte and somatic cell function. Suzannah has expanded her programme of research and now leads the Oxford Ovarian Fertility Preservation Research Programme with the aim of developing and improving techniques for human fertility preservation. Most recently her studies have come full circle. Her initial passion was fertility preservation for conservation, ignited during her Zoology degree, and she has just started working on rhino ovaries with the aim of growing eggs in vitro.


Out of work, Suzannah enjoys getting back to nature and can be found down the stables with her 4-legged friend Rubin with whom she competes at horse Eventing. She also has a passion for travel, scuba diving and generally anything that provides a new experience or feels like an adventure!