From being a graduated veterinarian to becoming a principle investigator, Ruths’ research has focused on her goal, the care of reproduction and biodiversity. She has conducted research in esteemed institutions in Belgium (University of Antwerp, University of Ghent and University of Liège), Japan (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization) and the UK (University of Oxford) covering diverse areas like embryology, cryopreservation, genomics, endangered species conservation and stem cell technologies.

The intersection of those four research areas is fertility. Within the Fertility Preservation research line at the Gamete Research Centre at the University of Antwerp where she currently works as an assistant research professor, her group focuses on the use of stem cells to preserve or restore fertility in humans and endangered species using the pig as a model These stem cells may be naturally dormant in the organism or must be induced from already differentiated cells.

Since 2019, she was participating in events and conferences organised by the SRF. She fully believes that an organisation like SRF is crucial to support researchers through publication opportunities, networking and financial aid. Since she is based in mainland Europe, she is committed to use all opportunities to make SRF more known and effective across borders.