Rebecca, more often known as Bec, is an ordinary member of the SRF council, having been elected in January 2022. Rebecca was originally an Early Career Representative during her time as a post-doc where she had sat within the Grants and Education Committee. This is a role that Rebecca shall continue in her current post. From an academic perspective, Rebecca works at The University of Nottingham, within the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, leading the problem based learning, and teaching a range of immunology and reproductive science within years 1-3 of the veterinary programme. Bec undertook and completed her PhD with our chair, Dr Richard Lea and continues her research interest around the impact of xenobiotics on reproductive health. Currently, her research group is focussed around the equine, investigating xenobiotic exposure and the quality of Stallion sperm. You will see Bec at most social events with a big smile on her face, so do say hello. Outside of academic life, Bec lives with her husband and pretends to understand what he does, he is also a researcher but around antimicrobial resistance, and together they enjoy many things like garden design, gaming, cooking and baking!