Dr Chris Price

Apr 26, 2018

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction: Professor Chris Price

The overall objective of Dr Price’s research is to understand better the regulation of ovarian follicle health and survival in cattle. In monovulatory species, a single follicle grows to become the functionally and morphologically ‘dominant’ follicle for 4-6 days, after which it regresses if ovulation does not occur. This regression is characterized by death of granulosa cells through apoptosis, and the Price lab is exploring mechanisms that control granulosa cell health. They are currently studying roles of members of the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family. One FGF is of particular interest, FGF18, which is expressed mainly in theca cells of atretic follicles. In vitro experiments demonstrate that FGF18 causes granulosa cell death by apoptosis but does not activate the typical FGF signaling pathways. However, FGF18 activates the typical FGF signaling pathways in theca cells and promotes cell proliferation. The lab is currently working to identify factors that control FGF18 secretion.

He loves to travel in winter and garden in summer, and is a collector of milled English/British predecimal coins (1663-1967).  A native of Middlesex, he lives in rural Quebec with his partner and a cross-bred Argentinian mastiff.