Treasurer and Company Secretary: Professor Bruce Murphy

Apr 26, 2018

Professor Bruce D. Murphy is a senior scientist at the Université de Montréal.  He was born in Denver Colorado, and received his BSc and MSc degrees from Colorado State University and his PhD from University of Saskatchewan.  He was Director, Centre de recherche en reproduction at the Université de Montréal (1991-2013), founding Director, Réseau Québécois en reproduction

(2008-2017).  He had visiting appointments at Cornell University, and Institute of Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Louis Pasteur University.  He is on the editorial board of five journals and was Editor-In-Chief of Biology of Reproduction. He has been continuously funded since 1974 for studies of embryonic diapause and ovarian and uterine function, resulting in more than 250 scientific publications.  He has worked extensively in Latin America and was elected to the Argentine Academy of Agricultural Science in 1988, as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences in 2006, and Laureate of the Fonds du Québec (2009). He has trained more than 50 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows continue working in reproductive biology.  He has a passion for wilderness adventures, and greatly enjoys playing his ukulele.