Nominations 2023

SRF Nomination Information

Nominations are now closed, further information will be provided at the SRF AGM in January 2024.

Members of the Society are cordially invited to stand for nomination for the following roles, due to the retirement or being elected to new positions as indicated below:

  • Programme and Awards Committee Chair: Dr Suman Rice will be taking on the role of SRF Chair.
  • Education and Public Engagement Chair: Dr Erin Williams has completed her term – this role was initially for one year due to the previous Chair stepping down early.
  • Ordinary Council Member: Dr Agnes Stefansdottir has completed her term of one year, this appointment was made due to Dr E Williams moving to the role of Chair of the Education and Public Engagement – as outlined above.

If elected full responsibility will start at the next SRF AGM, currently scheduled to take place on Friday 12 January 2024 during the Fertility 2024 meeting.

What does the role of an SRF Council Member entail?

Successful candidates will be working alongside the Council Members listed below.  At the AGM, all members of Council will be invited to confirm their intention, given their current circumstances, to fulfil the next year of their term on Council.

Position in January 2024 Name Completes Term: January
Council Chair Dr Suman Rice 2027
Grants & Award chair Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta 2025
Treasurer Professor Bruce Murphy 2025
Ordinary member Dr Rebecca Blanchard 2026
Ordinary member Dr Niamh Forde 2025
Ordinary member Dr Kim Jonas 2025
Ordinary member Dr Federica Lopes 2027
Ordinary member Dr Emma Lucas 2025
Ordinary member Professor Rod Mitchell 2025
Ordinary member Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri 2025
Ordinary member Dr Erin Williams 2026
Early Career Representative (Post-Doc) Dr Gbenga Eweoya 2025
Early Career Representative (PhD) Ms Alexandra Shattock 2025
Ex Officio
Co Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction Professor Chris Price 2025
Co Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction Professor Karen Schindler 2025
Co Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction & Fertility Professor Norah Spears 2026
Co Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction & Fertility Professor Andrew Horne 2026

Period of Office

Council Members hold office for a period of four years (except for the Chair who serves for 3 years).

Under the current constitution Trustees (all voting and Ex Officio members) may not be beneficiaries of the Society and are ineligible to receive, awards, grants, travel support and other such benefits available to members.

Attendance at meetings

Council Members are expected to attend Council Meetings and are also expected to serve on Sub-Committees* and could be asked to participate in future task groups.

*The Grants and Membership, Finance, Programme and Award, and Education and Public Engagement Sub-Committees

The foreseeable meetings are due to be held in 2024:    

2024:   Spring (usually May) and Autumn (usually November)
2025:   January (to coincide with Fertility 2025)

Council Meetings are held at a hotel in an accessible UK location, currently at Manchester Airport on Thursday/Friday, attendance will be required for both days. Committee meetings are held on Thursday afternoon, followed by a working dinner (the meeting is on location) the Council Meeting is held on Friday from 09.00 – 16.00. Overnight accommodation and food will be provided during the meetings and travel (economy) expenses reimbursed.

You should expect to attend all in-person and on-line meetings for the two working days allocated (including travel time for the Spring meeting). You will also be expected to attend an additional short Council meeting at the start of the annual joint Fertility Society conference in January. Council members are also expected to attend the Fertility conferences and to perform duties prior to and during these conferences.  Council Officers will also meet virtually 3 to 4 times a year for approx. 2 hours and additional virtual sub-committee meetings will be called as required  (approximately 4 times a year for 2 hours).

Council Members are also expected to be available throughout the year to assist in ad-hoc decision making and have a key role in running and leading the Society, supported by the Secretariat.

Role as Charity Trustee

As a Member of the Council, you are taking on the responsibility as a Charity Trustee, whose responsibilities cover the following:

You and your co-trustees must make sure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, and no other purpose. This means you should:

  • ensure you understand the charity’s purposes as set out in its governing document
  • plan what your charity will do, and what you want it to achieve
  • be able to explain how all of the charity’s activities are intended to further or support its purposes
  • understand how the charity benefits the public by carrying out its purposes

To assist with your understanding of the Society, please refer to the Articles of Association and Byelaws which can be found under the “Who We Are” tab on the SRF Website

Further details about the duties of a Charity Trustee can be found at:

 Eligibility (Articles of Association 47 – 50)

  • Under the Society’s rules, eligible SRF Members (fully paid as of Friday 3 November 2022) may stand for election.
  • Members who have previously served on Council as an Officer may stand if one year has elapsed since the end of their previous years of service.
  • Nominations must be supported by two references from two fully paid (as of Friday 3 November 2023) members of the Society. (For reference, a list of current Members can be found in the Members Area of the SRF website under “Notice of Elections”).

How to apply

Members wishing to stand for election must complete the Council Nominations form with their letters of recommendation to the SRF Secretariat via the SRF website.  Nominations are now closed.

Please include:

  • What you would bring to the role and goals for your term as a Council member Brief details about yourself including your research and interest in reproductive biology
  • Nominees must obtain at least two letters of support from at least two SRF Members (who have paid for 2023 membership). Letters must be uploaded with their applications.
  • Recent photo – head and shoulders.


Deadline for Nominations: 09.00 hrs GMT, Monday 6 November 2023 Should the number of nominations received by Monday 6 November 2023 exceed the number of vacancies, then, as stated in the Articles of Association Article 50.7 to 50.10, the Secretary shall issue voting instructions to each voting member of the Society who has paid for their membership by Friday 6 November 2023.  In the case that only one application is received, the successful candidate will be notified prior to the announcement at the SRF AGM.

Monday 13 November 2023: If more than one application is received for any of the roles all voting members as indicated will be sent a unique link to vote online.

Friday 15 December 2023: Voting closes.

January 2024: The names of those successfully elected as Trustees will be formally announced at the SRF AGM.