Academic Scholarship Previous Receipients


Name: Dr Agnieszka Waclawik (2022)
Project title: Novel role for estradiol-17β in embryo-maternal crosstalk.

Name: Professor Stephen Franks (2022)
Project title: Role of post-translational modification of key signalling molecules in aberrant gonadotrophin action in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Name: Professor Colin Duncan (2022)
Project title: Adipose tissue dysfunction in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Name: Dr William Colledge (2019)
Project title: Does kisspeptin signalling mediate β-NGF-stimulated ovulation in mice?

Name: Dr Federica Lopes (2019)
Project title:  The impact of the cell cycle of prepubertal testicular germline stem cells on the sensitivity to chemotherapy-induced damage

Name: Dr Mark Fenwick (2018)
Project title: Illuminating the molecular phenotype of granulosa cells in the ovarian reserve

Name: Dr Franchesca Houghton (2018)
Project title: Hypoxia-induced epigenetic regulation of  human embryonic stem cells

Name: Dr Suzannah Williams (2018)
Project title: Rescuing Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Name: Dr Kathryn Woad (2018)
Project title: Mechanisms linking bacterial endotoxin to the inhibition of angiogenesis.

Name: Professor Jane Morrell (2017)
Project title: Physical removal of bacteria as an alternative to antibiotics in boar semen extenders.

Name: Professor Kevin Sinclair (2017)
Project title: Sheep as a model species for mitochondrial replacement therapy: Genetic variances between haplotype groups

Name: Professor Norah Spears (2017)
Project title: Are primordial follicles protected from chemotherapy drug-induced damage in the human ovary?

Name: Dr. Agnieszka Waclawik (2017)
Project title: Contribution of prostaglandin F2alpha and prokineticin 1 to embryo-maternal interactions




Name: Dr Erin Willams (2021)
Project title: Determination of the impact of ethanol on trophoblast syncytialisation and inflammation

Name: Professor Fiona Menzies (2019)
Project title: Determination of the impact of ethanol on trophoblast syncytialisation and inflammation

Name: Professor Lisa Thurston (2017)
Project title: Investigating the role of extracellular vesicles in gamete-oviductal cell communication in the female reproductive tract



Name: Dr  Paul McKeegan (2021)
Project title: Mitochondria during preimplantation development – how does number link to function?

Name: Dr  Benjamin Taiwo (2021)
Project title: Characterisation of Electronic Cigarette-Induced Male Reproductive Toxicity using a Mouse Model

Name: Dr  Peter Ruane (2018)
Project title: Investigating hCG effects on the endometrium and embryo implantation in an organoid model

Name: Dr  Juan Hermandes-Medrano (2018)
Project title: Whole Ovary Cryopreservation: CPA Equilibration And Vascular Integrity

Name: Dr Kim Jonas (2017)
Project title: Deciphering the role of follicle stimulating hormone glycosylation variants on human ovarian function

Name: Dr Sander van den Driesche (2017)
Project title: Human masculinization disorders: investigation of mechanistic origins using an animal model

Name: Dr Nick Wheelhouse (2017)
Project title: Chlamydia induced progesterone resistance in the endometrium


SRF Academic Scholarship recipients 2015 and earlier