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The July 2021 issue of Reproduction contains a special editorial on 25th Anniversary of cloning by somatic-cell nuclear transfer guest edited by Dr Kevin D Sinclair.

The issue opens with a brief historical perspective of the scientific legacy of Dolly from one of the co-authors (Prof Dr Angelika Schnieke) of the article that first reported this development in 1997. Klinger & Schnieke (2021)summarise current applications of SCNT and discuss its relevance in the 21st century. There then follows two articles that each provide both a historical and contemporary perspective on the role of SCNT in the generation of GM livestock. The first article (Polejaeva 2021) provides a detailed overview of the technical advances made in GM technologies over the past 25 years from a leading member of the team that produced the first cloned pigs by SCNT in 2000. This article also offers a perspective on the current and future role of SCNT in the creation of genetically engineered animals; a perspective that is extended by Galli & Lazzari (2021) who consider applications in several large-animal species together with intellectual-property and regulatory challenges that will ultimately determine its use.

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25th Anniversary of cloning by somatic-cell nuclear transfer. Dr Kevin D Sinclair.


 Dolly at 25… is she ‘… still goin’ strong?’ Author(s): Kevin D Sinclair

Anniversary Review


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