Fertility 2024 SRF Bursary


EICC, Edinburgh, Scotland

Applications are closed

Fertility 2024, the joint annual conference of ARCS, BFS and the SRF is the main scientific conference in the SRF’s annual calendar of events.  Fertility 2024 is being planned as an attendance, in -person conference and will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland from Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13 January 2024. The SRF Satellite Day will be held on Wednesday 10 January.

The SRF Council are continuing to support the conference and encourages as many members as possible to attend the event by applying for the specific, stand alone, SRF Fertility Bursary.  The 2024 SRF Bursary is open to all members (Full, Early Career, Retired and Honorary), including members who have received a Travel Grant in the past 2 years.

Please be aware that due to budget constraints, a bursary award is not guaranteed and the SRF reserve the right to prioritise those applicants who have had an abstract accepted for Fertility 2024.

Fertility Bursary Eligibility:

All Full, Retired*, Honorary* and Early Career (EC)** Members who have been SRF Members for at least 2 membership years (i.e. must have paid for membership in 2022 and renewed and paid for 2023) are eligible to apply.

*These members are exempt from membership payment and this requirement does not apply.

** The requirement for the 2 membership years will be waived for EC Members who are undergraduate, Masters or PhD students providing they have paid for 2023 membership. Confirmation from their supervisor will be requested.

Further information/evidence may be requested to support bursary claims as appropriate.

Edinburgh based Members

All SRF members who work and/or live within a 30km radius of the venue (EICC, The Exchange, 150 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3 8EE) will receive registration and conference dinner only.


  • Early Bird registration is now closed. ( The SRF Bursary will cover £415 for these applications).
  • Normal registration (after Early Bird closes), SRF Bursary will cover £415 until 9 December, or until the Fertility bursary budget has been reached.


A maximum sum of £50 per night for up to 3 nights (a maximum of £150 for the entire meeting) will be available for all SRF members except those residing (home address) within a 30km radius of the EICC in Edinburgh. The calculation for Edinburgh members will be measured using ‘as the crow flies’.


SRF will reimburse the cheapest economy fare on public transport or car allowance (40p per mile per car, the SRF kindly ask that public transport is used wherever possible or car sharing if public transport is not possible), from the applicant’s city of work to accommodation in Edinburgh on arrival and departure only, to the maximum of the fixed rate below.  Any other travel expenses i.e. between accommodation and venue, taxi or similar private modes of transport will not be reimbursed.

Members living and/or working in Edinburgh

Applicants whose place of work is within 30km radius of the EICC, Edinburgh will not receive a travel allowance.

UK and Ireland residents

All members from the UK and Ireland will receive a maximum sum of up to £100.

Non-UK based members

Travel will be calculated on a fixed band system based on the distance travelled from the city of your place of work to Edinburgh.   To ensure fairness, this distance will be calculated using an online tool based on distance as the ‘crow flies’ as follows. Please calculate your distance before you complete the application form using http://tjpeiffer.com/crowflies.html.

<1000KM                             £150
1001-2000km                     £250
2001-3000km                    £350
>3001km                            £500

All distances calculations will use ‘as the crow flies http://tjpeiffer.com/crowflies.html.

Please email the SRF Secretariat at srf@conferencecollective.co.uk if you require a visa letter.

Conference Dinner

  • Conference dinner (Thursday 12 January 2024) if requested, at a cost of £75.

Terms of Full Attendance Bursary

  • If the physical meeting is cancelled, all attendees will automatically be transferred to virtual registration.
  • All fees paid by the applicant are non-refundable unless the meeting is cancelled in full and cannot proceed online.
  • When applying you must confirm that you are a current member and have paid for membership as requested, if unsure please contact the SRF Secretariat.
  • All members will be expected to pay for their accommodation and travel and submit a claim with all receipts – claims without receipts will not be paid – after the conference, only one claim can be made per applicant.
  • Accommodation and travel expenses will be paid on confirmation from the organisers that you attended the conference.
  • New membership applications and membership payments must have been confirmed before the application has been submitted.
  • The Fertility Early Bird registration deadline is Tuesday 31 October 2023.
  • Members who apply after Monday 9 October 2023 will need to register directly via the Fertility conference page. They will be able to claim the Early Bird conference rate (£415 plus VAT) and conference dinner as indicated above with their claim after the event.
  • Members must confirm their acceptance of the SRF bursary by 17.00 BST, Wednesday 25 October 2023, failure to do so may result in their paying the full, higher, registration rate.
  • The Fertility Registration terms and conditions apply to SRF bursary recipients if a member cancels their bursary application after Tuesday 5 December they will pay 50% of the registration cost, after Monday 11 December this will increase to 100%.


Currently, Fertility 2024 is being planned as a full attendance event, it is your responsibility to ensure that all reservations you make for travel and accommodation can be cancelled.  SRF will not cover any accommodation or travel costs if the Full Attendance meeting is cancelled.

Please note:

Early Bird Bursary applicants will be notified by the SRF Secretariat (The Conference Collective) of the outcome of their bursary application by Wednesday 18 October 2023.  Applications received after 9 October please allow 3 weeks from the date of submission.

Early Bird bursary applications will be registered directly with the conference organisers.  All members who apply after the Early Bird bursary deadline of 9 October 2023 will be required to apply directly on the conference website.  Full details will be given in the confirmation letter.