Chair of Grants & Awards Committee and General Secretary: Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta

Apr 26, 2018

Ali trained as a Veterinarian in Tehran University, and then gained MSc and PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. His PhD studies were at the Roslin Institute where he worked with the late Professor Keith Campbell, creator of Dolly the cloned sheep. Following this, he undertook a post-doctoral position at the University of Manchester, investigating the role of Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor in uterine receptivity with Prof Sue Kimber. Subsequently he joined Nottingham University as a Research Fellow working with Professor Bob Webb to investigate the effects of diet on oocyte & embryo quality.

In June 2006, Ali joined the Royal Veterinary College as a lecturer, became Senior Lecturer in 2012, and promoted to Reader in 2016. His research is focused in the area of female fertility including oocyte biology and embryology and uterine embryo interaction.

He is a long time ManU fan, and still plays football on Saturdays.