SRF Vacation Scholarship Application Form

At the bottom of this page you will find a downloadable MS Word version of the application form. We have prepared the Word document to assist you in the preparation of your application because regrettably the online form cannot be saved and returned to at a later stage.


Application deadline: Friday 13 April 2018 (17.30 hrs, UK Time)

Vacation Scholarship Application Form

University and Course Details

Please provide details of the university or college where you are currently enrolled as a student.
Where possible, please list individual module scores and overall year grades

Out of term details

Project Details

(Max 200 words)
(Max 200 words )
(Max 300 words )
Maximum 350 words

Referee and Department Contacts

The Referee should be the student's academic tutor or director of studies who can give an informed opinion on the student’s performance to date, and their suitability for a placement. The SRF will contact your referee to ensure that they support your application. Failure to provide a reference before the Committee meets to consider applications may lead to your application being disqualified. Please contact your referee ahead of the application deadline to ensure they are willing and able to provide a reference in time.
Your Supervisor must be a paid up SRF member. We will contact your Supervisor to ensure they support your application.
The SRF will contact your Head of College/School/Department to confirm that a) they consent to this research project being carried out in their department. b) this project does not constitute any part of the normal degree course of the student
The SRF will contact the College/School/Department Finance Office to confirm that they accept the terms of this award