SRF Distinguished Scientist

The Society acknowledges the work of premier scientists that have made major scientific contributions to the field of reproductive biology through the SRF Distinguished Scientist Award. Recipients present their lecture at the Fertility meeting.

We are delighted to announce the SRF Distinguished Scientist 2017:

Kate Hardy, Professor of Reproductive Biology, Imperial College, London, UK








Presentation to Professor Kate Hardy by Immediate Past Chair, Dr Tony Michael following the conclusion of Prof Hardy’s Anne McLaren Distinguished Scientist Lecture One orchestra, three conductors: How to fine tune early follicle development at Fertility 2018 on Saturday 6 January 2018. Find out more about Fertility 2018 here.


SRF Distinguished Scientist 2016 – Professor John Carroll











Professor John Carroll works on how the oocyte makes a successful transition into a healthy viable embryo. His laboratory uses live cell imaging, cell biology and genetic approaches to investigate the cell cycle, polarity and metabolism of the oocyte and early embryo. John is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms that cause the decrease in oocyte quality that occurs as women reach their mid-late 30s. This manifests in a decrease in fertility and an increase in early embryo loss and miscarriage; the vast majority of which is due to chromosome anomalies in the oocyte. John spent most of his academic career at UCL where he was Director of Division of Biosciences before moving to Monash University where he is now Director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute and Dean of Biomedical and Psychological Sciences. John now chairs the Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team for Monash University.

Professor Carroll presented the 2016 Distinguished Scientist Lecture ‘Making a good egg’ at the SRF Annual Conference in Winchester.

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The previous SRF Distinguished Scientist Lecturers are listed below:

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  • 2013 A Surani
  • 2012 B Capel
  • 2011 M Renfree
  • 2010 S Franks
  • 2009 D Stocco
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  • 2007 FW Bazer
  • 2006 JK Findlay
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