SRF Distinguished Scientist

The Society acknowledges the work of premier scientists that have made major scientific contributions to the field of reproductive biology through the SRF Distinguished Scientist Award. Recipients present their lecture at the Fertility meeting.

We are delighted to announce the SRF Distinguished Scientist 2018:

Professor Evelyn Telfer, Personal Chair in Reproductive Biology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK











Presentation to Professor Evelyn Telfer by Chair, Professor Colin following the conclusion of Prof Telfer’s Anne McLaren Distinguished Scientist Lecture In Vitro Gametogeneesis (VG):Next generation IVF?. Find out more about Fertility 2018 here.

Nominations for the 2019  Distinguished Scientist Award are now closed.

The previous SRF Distinguished Scientist Lecturers are listed below:
  • 2017 Kate Hardy
  • 2016 JohnCarroll
  • 2015 Richard Sharpe
  • 2014 T Shinohara
  • 2013 A Surani
  • 2012 B Capel
  • 2011 M Renfree
  • 2010 S Franks
  • 2009 D Stocco
  • 2008 A G Byskov
  • 2007 FW Bazer
  • 2006 JK Findlay
  • 2005 RM Schultz
  • 2004 KP McNatty