PhD Scholarship Opportunity in Newcastle, Australia

Jul 27, 2022

PhD Scholarship Opportunity at The University of Newcastle, Australia

A PhD stipend is available for a motivated student with a background in veterinary or animal science, agriculture or biotechnology to investigate the mechanisms of heat-stress induced male subfertility in horses and/or cattle. Working in a world-leading reproductive biology lab and collaborating directly with veterinarians and livestock breeders, PhD students will work in both lab and field to conduct novel, independent projects with the goal of understanding the molecular processes underpinning heat-stress induced subfertility.

Projects will involve advanced assessments of sperm quality and DNA damage, embryo development, and systemic markers of heat stress and oxidative stress susceptibility. Students will be engaged in all aspects of this exciting research project from study design through to laboratory research, analysis, publication and translation of findings to develop clinically relevant diagnostics and interventions addressing the effects of heat stress on Australia’s livestock industries.

For more information please contact Dr Aleona Swegen at