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Anniversary Issue: 25th birthday of intracytoplasmic sperm injection

This issue is guest edited by Gianpiero Palermo and Claire O’Neill. You can read their editorial here.

Gianpiero Palermo has recorded a short video discussing the success of ICSI since its inception and looking toward the future of assisted reproductive technology.

The anniversary reviews that make up the special issue are:

Publication of Sex in 3 Cities Review

Richard M Sharpe, who gave the 2017 Sex in 3 Cities lecture series, has published a review article based on the content of his talks.

The article, entitled “Programmed for sex: Nutrition-reproduction relationships from an inter-generational perspective”, encourages readers to consider reproduction as a long-term investment whereby nature has evolved epigenetic regulatory mechanisms that enable the rapid adaptation of offspring to their perceived nutritional environment.

Read the review here.


30 years of interferon-tau

Professor Michael Roberts is the guest editor of Reproduction’s anniversary issue commemorating 30 years of interferon-tau.

Read Professor Roberts’ editorial here.

Professor Roberts has also kindly recorded a video linked to this anniversary issue that can be viewed below.

Anniversary Reviews comprising the anniversary issue:

The evolution of interferon-tau by Alan D Ealy and Lydia K Wooldridge

Chronicling the discovery of interferon tau by Fuller W Bazer and William W Thatcher

Transcriptional control of IFNT expression by Toshihiko Ezashi and Kazuhiko Imakawa

Interferon-tau and fertility in ruminants by N Forde and P Lonergan

Paracrine and endocrine actions of interferon tau (IFNT) by Thomas R Hansen, Leticia D P Sinedino, and Thomas E Spencer