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Jan 3, 2019

Announcing the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on:
Germinal Stem Cell Biology.

May 19-24, 2019
Courtyard by Mariott Hong Kong Sha Tin
Hong Kong, China

Chair: Monika Ward
Vice Chair: Blanche Capel

Germinal stem cells are called the “stem cells of the species” as they provide the link between generations. Intense research focuses on the origin of these cells, their identification and regulation, environmental effects on their quality, and how their attributes affect resulting embryos.

The insights into these processes are instructive for all stem cell biology and are crucial for understanding fertility and managing reproductive disorders. Recent advances in single cell analyses enable addressing these research topics with unprecedented sensitivity, while constantly improving strategies for germline editing raise possibilities for translating basic science findings into biomedical and biotechnological applications.

The expansion of knowledge in the germline stem cell field is rapid and it is important that the key developments are shared in timely manner among community members. The conference will be a venue for presenting unpublished data, robust discussions, and informal interactions. It will highlight cutting-edge advancements and emerging concepts, define new research directions, and help to establish collaborations across disciplines and across nations.

The conference will be held in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most vibrant cities and a gateway to the heady delights of East Asia.


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