Early Career Representative nominations for 2023!

The SRF values the views and opinions of its Early Career members who make up approximately half of the SRF members.  Traditionally there have been two Early Career Representatives (ECRs) sitting on the SRF Council.  To better reflect the number of SRF Early Career members, in 2021 the Council decided to increase the number of ECRs to four comprising two postgrad/PhD students and two EC post-doctoral researchers.  These roles are an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into the workings of the Society and to ensure full representation of the Early career SRF members in SRF decision making. All vacancies will be for a period of two years with two new opportunities available each year.

Council is pleased to announce two opportunities from January 2023: one as the second new PhD ECR and one to replace Dr Federica Lopes who will complete her term as post-doctoral EC representative in January 2023.

Postdoc ECR

We are seeking an SRF post-doctoral Early Career Member to start in Jan 2023 for a period of 2 years.  The first year you will be working alongside Dr Claire Stenhouse who took on the role in January 2022.

PhD ECR – new for 2023

We are seeking a second SRF PhD Early Career Member Representative to start in January 2023 for a period of 2 years.

The first year you will be working alongside Ms Imogen Harris who took on the role in January 2022.

The role
As a Postgrad/PhD or Postdoc ECR, you will attend Council meetings where you will represent the views and concerns of Early Career members, including undergraduates, PhD students and postdoctoral scientists. During the two-year term, you will have the opportunity to sit on one or possibly two SRF Committees and to contribute to discussions and decision-making processes as necessary. Early Career Reps also take a leading role in managing social media sites and are responsible for organising the SRF Early Career Researcher Symposium at the annual Fertility meeting (liaising with the SRF Programme Committee Chair) as well as any other EC events at Fertility and through the year as agreed.

Please note that ECRs are still able to benefit from SRF grants, bursaries, and awards providing they meet the criteria.

Attendance at meetings
Early career reps are expected to attend Council Meetings.  The foreseeable meetings are due to be held:

Foreseeable meetings due to be held in 2023:    

 Early January (to coincide with Fertility 2023)

 Spring (April or May TBC) Council Meeting is held at a hotel in an accessible UK location, and currently, this is at Manchester Airport. Council members are asked to block 2 days to include travel time, sub-committee meetings on the afternoon of Day 1 and Council business conducted on Day 2 (9:00 to 5:00). Meetings are usually held on a Thursday and Friday and a working dinner is held on the evening of Day 1. Overnight accommodation is provided, and travel expenses are reimbursed.

Since the sub-committee meetings for the Spring Council meeting are held at the same location as the Council meeting, you can expect to be away on SRF Council business for up to 2 working days (including travel time).

Autumn (October or November TBC) Council Meeting is held virtually on Thursday and Friday.  Committee meetings will be held in the week prior to this meeting and are organised by the committee chair.

SRF AGM is scheduled to take place at the annual Fertility conference.

You should expect to attend two SRF meetings for 2 working days (including travel time) at least two times a year, you will be expected to attend the Fertility conferences and expect to attend Committee meetings as decided by the chair of the committee (approximately 4 times a year for 2 hours, these are held virtually).

 You must have paid for your SRF membership by Friday 4 November.

 Please include:

  • What you would bring to the role and goals for your term as an Early Career Representative (PhD or Postdoc)
  • Brief details about yourself including your research and interest in reproductive biology
  • Recent photo


Deadline for Nominations: 09.00 hrs GMT, Monday 7 November 2022 In the case that only one application is received for each post, the successful candidates will be advised prior to the announcement at the SRF AGM.

Monday 21 November 2022: If more than one application is received, all Early Career Members will be sent a unique link to vote online to elect the next Early Career Reps.

Friday 16 December 2021: Voting closes.

 January 2023: The names of those successfully elected as Early Career representatives will be formally announced at the SRF AGM.