Dr. Mark Fenwick

Apr 5, 2019

Mark Fenwick is a lecturer in reproductive and developmental medicine at the University of Sheffield. He grew up in New Zealand, where he completed his PhD at the University of Otago (2004) working on early follicle development in the mouse ovary. After two brief research assistant posts in neuroendocrinology and male fertility, he then took up a postdoc at the Royal Veterinary College investigating the effects of negative energy balance on reproductive physiology in dairy cows. He then switched back to the ovary as a postdoc in Professor Kate Hardy’s lab at Imperial College where he developed a keen interest in growth factor regulation of early follicle development.He has actively continued with this research theme, particularly in relation to the role of TGFB signalling and the molecular events associated follicle activation. Mark was instrumental in establishing the MSc in Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at Sheffield, which he currently leads.

Outside of work he enjoys good old-fashioned rock music, brewing beer, fishkeeping, traveling and generally keeping tabs on his two young kids.