Dr Amanda de Mestre

May 2, 2018

My research programme sits at the interface of basic science and clinical research where it focuses on unravelling the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate early placental development and function in normal and failing pregnancies. Our wider goal is to support evidence based clinical decision making in reproductive medicine through improved strategies to manage equine fertility and the welfare of breeding mares. Recent and ongoing projects have focused on identifying molecules that regulate equine placental development and specifically trophoblast differentiation. Alongside this, we are investigating chromosomal abnormalities that are associated with early pregnancy loss. Last year we extended our work to include investigations of late term abortions, namely unravelling the underlying mechanisms that lead to umbilical cord torsion and subsequently fetal loss. The group works closely with pathologists, genetics and epidemiologists allowing us to use a multi-prong approach to answer these questions.

Outside of work, I am kept out of trouble by my 8 year twin sons and 3 year daughter and am known for making ridiculously complicated children’s birthday cakes!