Vacation Scholarships

As part of its policy of furthering research and education in the biology of reproduction, the Society for Reproduction and Fertility invites applications from undergraduate students for a limited number of Vacation Scholarships.

Applications for 2019 Vacation Scholarships are now closed.


Applications for 2019 Vacation Scholarships are now closed.


The objective of these scholarships is to enable particularly promising students to work during the summer vacation in university departments or research institutes on research projects related to reproduction, fertility and lactation in humans and other animals.

Students should normally be in the second (if on a three year course) or second/third (if on a four year course) year of their undergraduate degree studies and may be considering research as a career.  Ideally, projects should be undertaken in the summer vacation prior to the student entering their final year.  Projects can be a maximum of 8 weeks long, and include a stipend funded of £250 per week to cover living costs for the student, plus an award of £1,000 to be paid to the host laboratory to cover the cost of consumables for the project.

Scholarships are not available for students to undertake projects which form part of their normal degree course. Novel, stand alone projects are encouraged.

A report, (maximum two sides of A4), must be submitted, detailing the findings of their investigation (further details will be sent successful candidates). This report may be published in the SRF newsletter or on the website. If a report is not received by the end of December, the project supervisor will become ineligible for future vacation scholarships for 3 years.

The SRF would strongly encourage the award recipients (especially the student, but if not, the supervisor) to present their results at the following Fertility meeting if possible. They will need to submit their work via the Fertility abstract submission system. Registration, accommodation and travel expenses (the same bursary package that will be available to SRF members) will be covered for any student selected to present their scholarship data at this conference.

Only one scholarship will be awarded per student over the course of their undergraduate study. Project supervisors MUST be fully paid-up SRF members.

 2017 Vacation Scholarships

We are pleased to announce below the names of the 2017 successful applicants. Reports of their projects will be available via the reports link below as they are received.

Vacation Scholar                                    Supervisor

Sofia  Akhtar                                                 Adam Watkins
Chandler Bray                                              Sarah Calvert
Eman Butt                                                    Amanda Sferruzzi-Peri
Federico Caso                                              Tyler Stevenson
Joan Embola                                                Guy Whitley
Isabella Inzani                                             Alison Forhead
Jessica McLachlan                                      Rupsha Fraser
Daniel Stark                                                 Mark Fenwick
Hannah Webb                                             Hilary Critchley