Travel Grants

SRF members are eligible to apply to the Society for financial support to attend conferences and meetings relevant to the fields of reproductive biology and fertility.


The value of each award will be determined by the distance travelled by the applicant from their place of residence to the location of the meeting they wish to attend (calculated by the SRF Secretariat), with the maximum amounts awarded as follows:

Less than 1000 km travelled:       up to £500

1000 – 3000 km travelled:            up to £650

Over 3000 km travelled:                up to £800

The SRF is only able to support a proportion of the costs of attending a meeting; therefore no award will exceed 70% of the total cost of attending the meeting/conference. All grants will be paid in £s sterling, and will usually be made in advance. Eligible members may receive one travel grant in any two year period.

Eligibility: (please read carefully before applying)

Applicants must have held SRF membership for a minimum of one calendar year immediately prior to their application in order to be eligible to apply for an SRF Travel Grant. MSc students, and PhD students in their first year of study, are exempt from this requirement.

Only non-statutory SRF members are eligible to apply for Travel Grants. Early Career and Retired Members are not eligible to apply for SRF Travel Grants to support attendance at the SRF Annual Meeting or Joint Fertility meeting, as financial support to attend these conferences is provided by the Society through other mechanisms. Full members are eligible to apply for an SRF Travel Grant to attend SRF-sponsored meetings.

A report on the content of the meeting and the benefit to the applicant of attending is required, and may be included in the newsletter or SRF website. This should be provided within two months of the meeting attended and is a condition of the award. Failure to provide this report will render applicants ineligible for future travel grants.


Applicants should ensure that their subscriptions to SRF for the current year have been paid, as applications cannot be processed until this has been done.

Application Deadlines:
Travel grants applications will now be reviewed 4 times a year. Deadlines for receipt of applications have changed accordingly to:

1st March
1st June
1st September
1st December

Applications must be submitted in advance of the event to which they relate; retrospective applications will not be considered.