Sex in Three Cities

Our Sex in Three Cities Public Lecture Series takes place each year in London, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

Sex in Three Cities 2019 

Speaker Sarah Robertson lecture, Partner compatibility: the immune system and reproductive success.

Professor Sarah Robertson presented at the Sex in Three Cities Lecture Series at in London, Nottingham and Edinburgh in March 2019.

To learn more about Sarah please click here.

If you missed the lectures, please find below our recorded version.

Professor Thomas Hildebrant’s Sex in Three Cities 2018, London

What did people think of the 2017  Sex in Three Cities Lecture Series by Professor Richard Sharpe?

‘Been here before (every year almost) and it’s an amazing evening well spent listening to scientific icons in field of reproduction’

‘I attended to learn more about Richard’s work. To see & talk to people in the field. Richard is an excellent speaker – great choice. Excellent hosting team. Well done!’

‘Ties in with current reproduction teaching at vet school. Allows me to be made aware of current research topics of interest’