Sex in Three Cities

Our Sex in Three Cities Public Lecture Series takes place each year in London, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

The SRF would like to thank Professor Richard Sharpe (MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, The Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh) for presenting a fantastic, engaging series of lectures in London, Edinburgh and Nottingham in February 2017. We were delighted that over 400 guests attended the lectures and the feedback given was exceptionally positive. If you were unable to get to any of the lectures or wish to remind yourself of the topics covered, please view the recording of Prof Sharpe’s lecture in Edinburgh below.

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About our Speaker

Richard Sharpe is based in the MRC/University Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh where he has led a research programme on developmental disorders of (mainly male) reproductive health for many years; he is currently in the throes of retiring from this role. He is an Honorary Professor in Edinburgh University’s College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Read more……

What did people think of the 2017  Sex in Three Cities Lecture Series?

‘Been here before (every year almost) and it’s an amazing evening well spent listening to scientific icons in field of reproduction’

‘I attended to learn more about Richard’s work. To see & talk to people in the field. Richard is an excellent speaker – great choice. Excellent hosting team. Well done!’

‘Ties in with current reproduction teaching at vet school. Allows me to be made aware of current research topics of interest’

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