Bursary Application Form for Fertility 2018

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If you have any questions, regarding the completion of this form, please contact us on srf@conferencecollective.co.uk

SRF Bursary for FERTILITY 2018 Application Form

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SRF Membership

SRF Membership Category - REMINDER - Non-Statutory Full, Early Career (ECM)* and Retired Members who have been SRF Members for at least 2 membership years (i.e. must have been a member in 2017 and renewed and paid for 2018) are eligible to apply. * The requirement for the 2 membership years will be waived for ECM Members in the first year of their PhD or at BSc/MSc education levels. Honorary Members may also apply.


Please indicate the type of registration you will require for Fertility 2018. (Please note that by ticking this box you will not automatically be registered for the conference. Subject to your application being approved you will need to register for the Fertility 2018 through the online registration process once you have been issued with the relevant discount code).
**Student Member Registration applies to undergraduate, unsalaried students ONLY. The rate entitles Students to attend the full conference.


For those who live within 10km of the conference venue (ICC Birmingham) accommodation costs cannot be covered. For those living outside of Birmingham, the SRF will pay a fixed cost of £100 per night up to 3 nights. A copy of receipts may be requested after the conference.


Travel support is offered on a fixed band system on distance from your place of work and will be calculated as follows: <10 km: £0; 10 - 100 km: £30; 100 - 300 km: £75; 300 - 500 km: £150; 500 - 750 km: £200; 750 - 1000 km: £300; >1000 km: £400
PLEASE NOTE: funds for travel and accommodation will only be paid once the Secretariat has received confirmation from you that your visa application has been successful