SRF Early Career Rep Vacancy

Voting is now open! Candidate statements can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 


We recently informed our members that we are seeking an SRF Early Career Member to take over from Kacie Thomson (Imperial College London) who ends her term in January 2018.

The SRF values the views and opinions of its Early Career members, and therefore includes two Early Career Rep (formerly known as Postgrad/Postdoc Rep) positions on the SRF Council. This is a great opportunity to see the workings of the Society and get involved in decision making which shapes the future of the SRF and represent the opinions of the Early Career Members.

We were delighted to receive statements from eight candidates interested in the SRF Early Career Rep vacancy.

All Early Career Members were sent an email earlier this week, generated from the online voting system ‘BallotBin’, inviting them to vote for one candidate. Each Early Career Member has one vote and only votes cast using the online system will be valid. In the case of a tie, the final decision will rest with the Vice Chair of the SRF. Please don’t forget to check your junkmail folders for the email with the voting link.

The statements from all eight candidates are available to download at the bottom of this page.

The closing date for online voting is 09.00 hrs (GMT), Monday 11 December 2017.