Early Career Rep Nominations 2019


The SRF values the views and opinions of its Early Career members, and therefore includes two Early Career Rep (formerly known as Postgrad/Postdoc Rep) positions on the SRF Council. This is a great opportunity to see the workings of the Society and get involved in decision making which shapes the future of the SRF.

We are seeking an SRF Early Career Member to take over from Michelle Johnson (University of Leeds) who will be finishing her term in January 2019. The term for the new Rep will run from Jan 2019 – Jan 2021 and for the first year you will be working alongside our Dr Rebecca Sumner (Royal Veterinary College) who took on the role in January 2018.

The role
As an Early Career Rep, you will attend Council meetings where you represent the views and concerns of postgraduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and other early career scientists. During the two years, you will also sit on two of the SRF Committees; the Education and Engagement Committee for the first 12 months, and the Programme Committee for the remainder of the term. Early Career Reps also help to organise Early Career events at the annual Fertility meetings such as the SRF Early Career Researcher Symposium.

During your term, and under the current constitution, you will maintain non-statutory status allowing you to still benefit from SRF grants, bursaries and awards during this time.

Attendance at meetings
Council Members are expected to attend Council Meetings.  The foreseeable meetings are due to be held:

2019:   Spring (April), Summer (tbc July by teleconference) and Autumn (October)
2020:   January (to coincide with Fertility 2020)


You will be reimbursed for travel costs incurred in attending these meetings.

Council meetings are held at a hotel in an accessible UK location, currently Manchester Airport and take a Thu/Fri format. A working dinner is held the evening prior to the Council Meeting. Overnight accommodation is provided and travel expenses reimbursed.

The Education and Engagement and Meetings Committees meet at the hotel on the afternoon prior to the Council meeting (April and October) but in the same location. Overnight accommodation is provided. Therefore, you can expect to be away on Early Career Rep business for up to 2 working days (including travel time) at least three times a year.


How to apply

If you are interested in the position vacant from January 2019, please complete the Nomination to Early Careers form on the SRF website and submit it to the SRF Secretariat to arrive no later than 09.00 UK time on Tuesday 20 November 2018.

Please include:

  • What you would bring to the role and goals for your term as an Early Career Representative
  • Brief details about yourself including your research and interest in reproductive biology

Candidate’s statements will be available to view on the SRF website and subject to more than one application being received, all Early Career Members will be sent a unique link in on 27 November to vote online to elect the next Early Career Rep.


20 November 2018 Deadline for Nominations: in the case that only one application** is received, the successful candidate will be notified

**27 November 2018: If more than one application is received, all Early Career Members will be sent a unique link to vote online to elect the next Early Career Rep.

10 December 2018: voting closes.

12 December 2018: successful candidate notified.

January 2019: winner formally announced following the conclusion of the SRF Student Prize Session at Fertility 2019.


Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle (medmjoh@leeds.ac.uk) or Rebecca (rebecca.sumner@outlook.com) if you would like more information regarding the position.