Call for Applications for SRF Chair-elect


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There is currently a vacancy for the Chair-elect to become Chair of the SRF Council in January 2021 due to the retirement of Professor Colin Duncan (Chair).  This vacancy has arisen because in the year prior to the retirement of the current Chair the additional position of Chair-elect will sit on the Council.

Members of the society with council experience, including at officer level, are cordially invited to stand for election for the position of Chair-elect – taking on the position of Chair following the SRF AGM on Friday 8 January 2021 in Liverpool.

What does the role of an SRF Council Member entail?

Successful candidates will be working alongside the following Council Members.

Position Name Completes Term: January
Chair Professor Colin Duncan 2021
Public Engagement Secretary Dr Bob Robinson 2021
Treasurer and Company Secretary Dr David Miller 2023
General Secretary Dr Adam Watkins 2021
Programme Secretary Dr Richard Lea 2022
Ordinary member Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta 2021
Ordinary member Dr Doug Gibson 2021
Ordinary member Dr Suman Rice 2021
Ordinary member Dr Amanda de Mestre 2022
Ordinary member Dr Nick Wheelhouse 2022
Ordinary member Dr Bruce Murphy 2022
Ordinary member Dr Mark Fenwick 2023
Ordinary member Dr Suzannah Williams 2023

 Period of Office
On selection, the Chair-elect position will be held until the SRF AGM in January and as Chair for the 3 years after the AGM – January 2024.

In this position you may not be a beneficiary of the Society and thus are ineligible to receive competitive grants, funding and other such benefits available to non-council members.

Attendance at meetings
The Chair-elect will be expected to attend all ARF Council Meetings.  The foreseeable meetings are due to be held:

2020:   Spring (14 & 15 May 2020), Summer (tbc July by teleconference) and Autumn (12 & 13 November)
2021:   6 January 2021 (to coincide with Fertility 2021)

Spring and Autumn Council Meetings are held at a hotel in an accessible UK location, currently this is at Manchester Airport – although this is reviewed annually – the format is Thursday from midday and Friday until 6pm.  A working dinner is held on Thursday evening, overnight accommodation is provided and travel expenses reimbursed.  The SRF AGM is scheduled to take place at the annual Fertility conference.

The Chair is also expected to serve on the Journal Committee meeting (Spring 12-2pm), the Finance Committee meeting (Spring & Autumn 2-5pm) and Officer meeting (Sprint & Autumn 5-6pm).

Role as Charity Trustee

As a Member of Council, you are taking on the responsibility as a Charity Trustee whose responsibilities cover the following:

You and your co-trustees must make sure that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up, and no other purpose. This means you should:

  • ensure you understand the charity’s purposes as set out in its governing document
  • plan what your charity will do, and what you want it to achieve
  • be able to explain how all of the charity’s activities are intended to further or support its purposes
  • understand how the charity benefits the public by carrying out its purposes

To assist with your understanding of the Society, please refer to the Articles of Association and Byelaws which can be found under the Who We Are tab on the SRF Website

Further details about the duties of a Charity Trustee can be found at:


  • Under the Society’s rules, any Member of SRF (fully paid up as at Friday 29 November 2019) may stand for election.
  • Nominations must be supported by at least two fully paid Members of the Society. (For reference, a list of current Members can be found in the Members Area of the SRF Website under Notice of Elections).
  • The SRF Council listed above will be responsible for making the final decision.


Members wishing to stand for election must complete a Nomination for Chair-elect on the SRF website and submit it to the SRF Secretariat to arrive no later than 09.00 hrs UK time on Tuesday 17 March 2020. Applications to include

  • Current or previous SRF roles, years held and experience.
  • Short statement providing other relevant experience
  • Goals and aspirations for your time as Chair
  • The support of at least two Members, applicants are responsible for organising supporting statements on headed paper to be sent to the Secretariat for Tuesday 17 March 2020.


17 March 2020 Deadline for Nominations:

NB – nominations should be received by Tuesday 17 March 2020 then, as stated in the Articles of Association Article 49, the appointment will be by resolution of the Board.  If no suitable candidate is confirmed, then the post will be re-advertised.

31 March 2020: The candidates will be shortlisted by a sub-group of the Council chaired by Professor Duncan.  Suitable candidates will be invited to attend the Council meeting on 15th May in Manchester to be interviewed by the Council.  The appointment, with immediate effect, and will be by resolution of the board after a secret ballot.

14/15 May:  SRF Council meetings in Manchester and Chair-elect interviews.

8 January 2020: Role of SRF Chair is taken up at the SRF AGM.

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