SRF Council


In response to the Call for Nominations to SRF Council in late 2018, the Council received 3 valid nominations for 2 vacant positions.  As the number of nominations exceeded the number of  vacancies, voting took place to elect two new Ordinary Members onto the Council.   We are pleased to welcome the following members on to Council as Ordinary Members:

Dr Suzannah Williams, University of Oxford

Dr Mark Fenwick, University of Sheffield

We would also like to welcome Shadow Treasurer Professor David Miller who will step into the role of Treasurer and Company Secretary.

Additionally, welcome to Dr Jessica Roach, Royal Veterinary College, London as the new Early Career Rep to replace Dr Michelle Johnson who has just ended her 2-year term.

Finally we would like to thank Professor Tom Fleming, Dr Olivier Sandra and Michelle Johnston the outgoing committee members for their time and dedication while sitting on the Committee.



Position Name Completes Term: January
Chair Professor Colin Duncan 2021
Vice Chair
Chair, Public Engagement Committee
Dr Bob Robinson 2021
Treasurer and Company Secretary
Chair, Finance Committee
Professor David Miller 2023
General Secretary
Chair, Education & Engagement Committee
Dr Adam Watkins 2021
Programme Secretary
Chair, Meetings Committee
Dr Richard Lea 2022
Ordinary member Dr Amanda de Mestre 2022
Ordinary member Dr Mark Fenwick 2023
Ordinary member Dr Ali Fouladi-Nashta 2021
Ordinary member Dr Doug Gibson 2021
Ordinary member Dr Bruce Murphy 2022
Ordinary member Dr Suman Rice 2021
Ordinary member Dr Nick Wheelhouse 2022
Ordinary member Dr Suzannah Williams 2023
Ex Officio
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction Dr Greg FitzHarris 2023
Co-Editor-in-Chief of Reproduction Professor Chris Price 2023
Early Career Rep Dr Jessica Roach 2021
Early Career Rep Dr Rebecca Sumner 2020