Bursary for Fertility 2018

A copy of the following information can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Aim: Fertility 2018, the join annual conference of ACE, BFS and the SRF is the main scientific conference in the SRF’s annual calendar of events. Fertility 2018 will take place at the ACC Liverpool 4 – 6 January 2018 and the SRF wishes to encourage and support the attendance of its Members. To this end we will once again be offering SRF Bursaries which will support (i) Registration, (ii) Accommodation and (iii) Travel for SRF delegates.

This is a stand-alone bursary and so the eligibility criteria which relates to SRF travel grants only being awarded once in any 2-year period does not apply. Members who have received a travel grant within the past 2 years may apply for a bursary to attend Fertility 2018.

The Bursary available for Fertility 2018 (below) will be reviewed after the meeting by SRF Council and may be revised for future annual meetings.



Non-Statutory Full, Early Career (ECM)* and Retired Members who have been SRF Members for at least one year (i.e. must have been a member in 2016 and renewed and paid for 2017) are eligible to apply.

* The requirement for one year membership will be waived for ECM Members in the first year of their PhD or at BSc/MSc education levels.

Honorary Members are also able to apply for a bursary to attend Fertility 2018.

The bursary comprises of all three parts listed below:

  • RegistrationFull, Early Career**, Retired Members and Honorary Members attending all days of the Fertility meeting will be eligible for £365 to cover fully the cost of the Member Full Conference ‘Early Bird’ registration fee (£365). The Registration part of the bursary will be proportionately reduced for delegates attending only one or two days of the meeting. The SRF will also cover the cost for delegates who wish to attend the conference dinner.

**Fertility has introduced a new Student Member registration rate for 2018. This is applicable to our Early Career Members who are undergraduate, unsalaried students. The rate is £150 (fixed rate for attending part or all of the conference) and if eligible, this is the level of registration fee that will be covered by the SRF for their attendance.  Members who meet the criteria should select the ‘Student Member Registration’ when indicating on the bursary application form what type of registration they intend to make for Fertility. When going on to register for Fertility, students will be contacted by the Fertility organisers to ask for proof of status.

NOTE: The dates for Fertility are advertised as 4-6 January 2018. However, when planning your attendance, please note that the SRF programme gets underway on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 January when the SRF Early Career Researcher Symposium, SRF Postdoctoral prize session & SRF-SRB Exchange Lecture and New Investigator Award Lectures will take place.  Full Conference, Student and One Day (Thursday) registrations will also cover your attendance at SRF sessions on Wednesday 3 January. The SRF’s networking event at Revolucion de Cuba will follow the close of sessions on Wednesday 3 January.

  • Accommodation: A fixed sum of £100/night for 3 nights (up to £300 for the entire meeting) will be available for all SRF Members except those residing (home address) in Liverpool (i.e. within 10 km of the ACC).
  • Travel: Support will be offered to all Bursary applicants based upon a fixed band system on distance travelled from your place of work and will be calculated as follows:

<10km                    £0
10-100km              £30
100-300km           £75
300-500km          £150
500-750km          £200
750-1000km        £300
>1000km             £400

Note: The Registration element of the bursary will be taken off ‘at source’ i.e. You will receive a discount code from the SRF which you will need to input when registering online to ensure you are not charged for registration (or are charged the difference between early bird and standard rates if you register after 31 October 2017). Bursary Accommodation and Travel components will be paid to you directly after the SRF has received proof of registration but, where possible, before the conference takes place.


  • Submit your Bursary application by completing the form here.
  • Your application will then be checked by the SRF Secretariat. If approved, the Secretariat will issue you with
  1. i) a unique registration discount code


  1. ii) a bespoke expense claim form detailing the funds that the SRF will offer to cover your travel and accommodation. You will also need to complete the form with your bank details to facilitate reimbursement for your travel and accommodation entitlement.
  • Once you receive the discount code, you should proceed to register for the Fertility meeting as soon as possible***
  • When your Fertility registration has been confirmed, email a copy of your registration confirmation and completed claim form to the SRF Secretariat.
  • Once the SRF has received confirmation of your registration, your claim for travel and accommodation will be processed. Where possible this will be before the conference takes place. Please note that up to £300 for accommodation will be paid upfront in good faith but a copy of receipts will be required after the conference.
  • Recipients of bursaries will be required to check-in at the SRF exhibition stand during the conference to reconfirm their attendance.


***Important: The Fertility early bird registration deadline is 31 October. If you complete your Fertility registration after 31 October, you will need to pay the difference between the early bird and standard registration rates. The Registration part of the SRF bursary will not increase to cover the higher rates.  To fully benefit from the Bursary being offered, please ensure your bursary application reaches the SRF Secretariat by Monday 16 October to allow time for us to process it and for you to then register before the early bird deadline.

The final closing date for SRF Bursary applications to attend Fertility 2018 is Friday 1 December 2017 subject to available funds. Applications will not be considered after this date.  


Any questions regarding the SRF Bursary should be directed to the SRF Secretariat:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8977 7997 Email: srf@conferencecollective.co.uk

Questions directly relating to the Fertility 2018 meeting should be directed to the conference organisers Profile Productions:
Tel: +44(0)20 3725 5840   Email: fertility@profileproductions.co.uk