SRF New Investigator

We are delighted to announce the SRF New Investigator 2017:

Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research, Fellow and University Lecturer in Physiology,University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Sferruzzi-Perri will present the SRF New Investigator Lecture at Fertility 2018 on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. Find out more about Fertility 2018 here.

SRF New Investigator 2016  – Dr Rod Mitchell (MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, Queens Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh, UK)

Rod Mitchell

Rod is currently running a research group in the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health in Edinburgh. His research group investigating the development of germ cells in the testis in relation to future fertility and the origins of testicular cancer. The aims are to identify what defines the germ cell niche in the human fetal testis. It will also determine how alteration of the niche by genetic, environmental or other factors could affect germ cell differentiation, which may result in subsequent effects on future fertility or the development of testicular cancer in adulthood. Rod combines his Wellcome Trust funded research programme with clinical duties as a Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

Rod recently presented his  lecture ‘Genetic and environmental determinants of male reproductive health’ at the SRF Annual Conference in Winchester and will be invited to present as part of the programme at the next SSR Annual Conference in 2017.

To nominate a colleague for a future New Investigator Award, please use the Nominate for Award button on the right hand side of this page.

Eligibility and Criteria for the Award:

SRF members, or those whose membership applications are under consideration, who are within 10 years of being awarded their PhD (or equivalent qualification) are eligible to be nominated for the award by colleagues.

The recipient of this award is expected to present their paper as an oral presentation in the SRF/SSR New Investigator session Fertility meetings (2018 onwards) and as the SRF/SSR Transatlantic Lecture at the SSR Annual Conference.

Please nominate colleagues that members feel are suitably qualified to be a recipient of this prestigious award which affords the winner the opportunity of showcasing their research at both the SSR conference and Fertility.

The recipient of the SRF New Investigator Award will be selected from a short-list of eligible candidates on the basis of their curriculum vitae and letters of support from senior colleagues. Eligible candidates will have completed ten years (or less) of post-doctoral research.

Please note, that an abstract submitted to Fertility no longer forms part of the selection process.

 Deadline for Nominations:

Nominations can be submitted throughout the year. The deadline for the receipt of nominations to be considered for the New Investigator Award 2019 is 1 December 2017.

Previous winners of the SRF New Investigator Award are listed below:

  • 2015 A de Mestre
  • 2014 A Childs
  • 2013 A Watkins
  • 2012 P Marangos
  • 2011A Waclawik
  • 2010 S Williams
  • 2009 K Sales
  • 2008 G Fitzharris
  • 2007 Not Awarded
  • 2006 B Robinson
  • 2005 C Duncan
  • 2004 LM Thurston