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Tuesday 24 July 2018 – Manchester Royal Infirmary

18.15 – 19.15 Roger Gosden:
LET THERE BE LIFE: An Intimate Portrait of the Birth of IVF in Manchester

Wednesday 25 July 2018 – Manchester Conference Centre

09.00 – 10.30 IVF, the First 40 Years and the Next 40 Years
09.15 Teresa K. Woodruff: Engineering Reproduction: The 3-D Printed Ovary
10.00 Chris Barratt: Male infertility 40 years of progress and 40 years on

11.00 – 12.30 Understanding the Human Embryo
11.00 Kathy Niakan: Mechanism of lineage specification in human embryos
11.30 Dagan Wells: Mitochondria and embryos
12.00 Michael Summers: 40 Years of IVF Culture Media

13.30 – 15.00 Implantation: bottleneck or final frontier?
13.30 Mostafa Metwally: Endometrial Scratch
14.00 John Aplin: Implantation and beyond
14.30 Andy Vail: The science of evidence-based practice

15.30 – 17.30 Future Challenges in Ethics, Regulation Medicine and Science
15.30 Jonathan Ives: Should the state fund fertility treatment in the future?
16.00 Margaret Gilmore: The HFEA 40 years on
16.30 Tom Fleming: IVF children come of age. Little embryos and big implications
17.00 Oliver Schmidt: Science and fiction: from micromotors to spermbots


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